EF-1 Erectile Function Capsules – 120ct

This powerful product was formulated by Dr. Stephen Scionti as a frontline aid within his ED Therapy Program to enhance your sexual performance naturally with no prescription medications!

Why do you need EF-1 Erectile Function Capsules?

EF-1 is a natural supplement that promotes increased levels of the chemical signal, nitric oxide, which allows for blood flow into the erectile chambers.  Increasing nitric oxide increases blood flow.  L-Citrulline, bebeetrootnd Asian Ginseng help boost nitric oxide levels which helps relax and dilate blood vessels to promote better blood flow throughout your body – essential for obtaining and keeping your erection.

Maca Root, Epimedium (horny goat weed) & Muira Puama have long been used for sexual health and act as an aphrodisiac by restoring or increasing libido. For more product visit our shop